Olveston Charitable Foundation

Established in 2014 and celebrating 125 years since the birth of Miss Dorothy Theomin, Olveston Charitable Foundation provides for the financial security of Olveston Historic Home.

Founded with funds accumulated over Olveston’s prior profitable years of operation, the funds managed by Olveston Charitable Foundation are intended for the sole purpose of ensuring financial security for Olveston in perpetuity.

Olveston Charitable Foundation serves to:

  • promote and support the activities of Olveston Historic Home;
  • raise funds, accept donations, gifts, bequests and grants and fostering and promote other philanthropy for the benefit of Olveston Historic Home; and
  • promote public interest in and appreciate of Olveston Historic Home.

Donor Levels

MAJOR BENEFACTORS - $20,000 and above (over five years)

MAJOR DONORS - $10,000 to $19,999 (over five years)

DONORS - $5,000 to $19,999 (over five years)

SUPPORTERS - $1,000 to $4,999 (over three years)

ASSOCIATES - up to $999 (over three years)

Support the Olveston Charitable Foundation

To support now, please click here to download, complete and return the form.

If you would like to discuss making a gift or bequest,
please contact:

Manager | Secretary
Olveston Charitable Foundation
42 Royal Terrace
Dunedin 9016

Phone 03 477 3320
E-mail foundation@olveston.co.nz

Acknowledging your support

Olveston Charitable Foundation is grateful for donations of any size from individuals, companies, and foundations.

Donations can be pledged over a number of years depending on the level of support.

Olveston Charitable Foundation gratefully accepts all donations.

Olveston Charitable Foundation Supporters Wall acknowledgement is reserved for donations above $1000.

All donations are fully tax deductible and acknowledged and a receipt issued on payment. GST is not payable on donations.

Receipts can be used to gain a tax credit. Most donations qualify for a 33% tax credit up to the annual net income of the donor; visit the IRD website for more information.

Donations are not refundable. You will receive a tax deductible gift receipt following each transaction.

Olveston Charitable Foundation is a registered charity: CC50490

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Current supporters

Major Benefactors

  • Friends of Olveston

Major Donors

  • J Smith Family


  • ACE Shacklock Charitable Trust
  • Friedlander, Lamont and Galland Families
  • Mrs DB Ibbotson
  • JA & EJ Leckie
  • Graham and Eunice Marsh
  • Otago Motor Club Trust
  • The Callis Trust
  • Rosey McConnon


  • Alan and Kay Gray
  • Lyn And Gordon Mclauchlan
  • The Cockerill Trust, in memory of Joan (Mrs M) Miskimmin
  • Lawrence Christie


  • Dame Elizabeth Hanan & Murray Hanan
  • Mary Ronnie
  • Margery & Gary Blackman
  • Pier One Ltd
  • Jenny McMahon
  • AD & RF Campbell
  • BJ Leigh & ER Nye
  • John & Ann Barsby
  • John & Marelda Gallaher
  • Classic Jaguar Limousines Ltd
  • Richard & Lyn Bunton
  • George & Lara Friedlander
  • Chris Timms
  • Mr & Mrs Harry-Young
  • Bryce Adie
  • Karen Heathman
  • Josephine Dodd
  • JH Duncan
  • Lesley Kendall
  • Robin & David Lamont
  • Nicholas Langford & Sue Hanlin
  • Jenny Longstaff
  • Pauline White
  • Nola Wyber
  • Mary King
  • Emma Chin
  • Erica Atkins
  • Jan Bain
  • Sally Brooker
  • Heather Rivett
  • Geoff & Helen Adams
  • Gregory Easton
  • Anne & Tony Baldock
  • Don Barham
  • John and Tanya Bell
  • Dave Cull & Joan Wilson
  • Grant & Lisa Edwards
  • Kevin and Mary Flaherty
  • Lorraine Johnston
  • Raimo Kuparinen
  • Russell and Vicki McDougal
  • Kay & Rod McKenzie
  • David & Christine Mehrtens
  • Laura Morrison
  • Wolf Nader
  • Sue Partell
  • James Paton
  • Amy Phipps
  • Astrid Raats
  • Betty Rawlings
  • Jeremy Smith & Hamish Saxton
  • Viviane & Matthew Vagt
  • Joanne Woolley
  • Margaret Lindsay
  • Ian Bartlett
  • Sam Keen
  • Patricia McKewen
  • Sue Roy

As at Thursday, 20 June 2016.

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